Recolorable Icons – Offering Color Changing Option!

Recolorable icons designs are unique one with comparison to other because it’s changing the color. It is one of the advanced technologies that now vastly use in icons designs. These designs are also much essential for the web application that offers changing colors to creating any required files. If you are looking for this picture recolorable design, then you have required considering about the secret behind it. These picture designs have contained two bitmap files such as: a color backing at the bottom and semitransparent flashes. With the help of the semitransparent mask designers have offered the color backing shine. The shining mask required only the white color with different shading and transparencies mask only black. Due to these reasons, you can pick any color to create any sorts of change in the icons designs according to your requirement. In this regard, you can draw so many icons design by pick a single test color.

How we go about making the picture recolorable? Secret is that picture has 2 bitmap files: the semitransparent flashes or shadows and color backing at its bottom. Thus, we have a color backing shine by the semitransparent mask. Mask must look very much like this: How we draw this mask? It is very simple and you take a colored backing as well as put the shadows and flashes on the top. Shining mask makes use of white color with different transparencies and shading mask —just black. Color of backing is not very important and chooses any of the color you like, it can change anyway. In case, you draw many icons, then pick the single test color. Why we need shading and shining layers? We don’t know what color is selected by an user and icon must always look very good. With shading and shining colors result will be good.

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