Perfect Icons for Web 2.0 Applications

Making a Web 2.0 project? If you’re doing a lot of those, you’ll require a quality set of graphics to work with. Aha-Soft offers you an ideal solution: a set of Web 2.0 icons created to make building Web 2.0 apps simpler.

All Perfect Icons bring you more than 5000 unique Web 2.0 icons in 3200 designs. With numerous variations including the different sizes, color resolutions, file formats and activity states, the total number of images comes to a whopping 79,800. The cost? The entire set will only cost you $399. That’s only 8 cents per unique image, a deal of the century!you won’t find with anyone else.

All Web 2.0 icons from the All Perfect Icons collection are offered royalty-free. If you’re a busy professional, outsourcer, or work in a software giant, you’ll only need to pay once when you purchase this collection. All Perfect Icons are usable and re-usable in as many projects, Web sites and online apps as you like. The Web 2.0 images are also freely redistributable when used in your applications, online projects or mobile apps.

All Perfect Icons is a set of sets. The library includes 29 Web 2.0 icon collections, allowing you to develop Web projects of any kind. Perfect CMS Icons, Toolbar Web 2.0 icons, Business and Database Icons, Bank, Network Icons, Security and Telecom Web 2.0 icons are provided among the rest. Office Icons, Document, Time, Hardware, Computer, Internet, Mobile, Transport, User, People, Blog, File, Download, Scientific, Medical, Web and Design Web 2.0 icons are also provided. Each sub-set is full of different images grouped together and covering a certain topic. Some sets have as little as 60 Web 2.0 icons, while some others come with 200, 300, or even 400 Web 2.0 icons depending on how narrow or how broad the topic is.

Technically, your order will bring you a huge stock of images that are grouped by the set. You’ll get Web 2.0 icons sized of 16×16, 20×20, 24×24, 32×32 and 48×48 pixels. All images come in 32-bit True Color with full alpha-channel, or in 256 colors drawn on a transparent background. Windows ICO, GIF, PNG, and BMP formats are provided for every image. Normal, disabled and highlighted states are available for each image.

As each Web 2.0 image is supplied in all possible sizes, color depths, file formats and active states, the total number of Web 2.0 icons grows pretty fast. That’s how 5,000 unique images turn into 79,800 files.

The Web 2.0 icons are available for instant purchase. A free instant preview is available online. Visit to check out the preview or to place your order!

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