Visual Arts – Unique Art Forms to Perform Some Natural Visual!

Visual arts are the unique art forms that perform some natural visual such as: printmaking, ceramics, design, painting, drawing, and crafts that know as advanced visual art forms. It is also use in the photography, architecture, video and filmmaking. Visual arts are also including various arts of applied art that required for fashion design, interiors designs, graphic designs as well as other decorative art. In this way, this art form is using in both the fine art and crafts arts designs. These sorts of new revolution was happened after the arts and crafts movement in 20th century when the term artist was classified to a person who work in the fine art such as: printmaking, painting and sculpture and never involve in handicraft, and allied art media. At the same way, the arts schools are making distinction among the fine arts form and craft related works that consider as the part of art forms.

As indicated, current usage of a term “visual arts” also includes the fine art and applied, decorative crafts and arts, however it wasn’t always a case. Before Arts Movement in Britain and somewhere else at a turn of 20th century, term artist was restricted to the person working in fine arts (like sculpture, painting, and printmaking) and not handicraft, craft, ad applied art media. Distinction was emphasized by the artists of Crafts and Arts Movement who valued the vernacular art forms at high forms. The art schools have made the distinction between fine arts and crafts maintaining the craftsperson cannot get considered the practitioner of art. Increasing tendency in privilege painting, as well as to the lesser degree sculpture, other arts is the feature of the Western art and East Asian art.

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