Uniform – Represent Professionalism

A uniform is standard clothing worn by organization members while taking part in that organization’s activity. Modern uniforms are worn by armed forces such as police and security guards. In office official staffs also wear uniform while they are on duties. In schools students wear their school uniform according to their school’s rules and regulations. However, it is illegal or against the law for non members to wear uniform. Workers of companies also wear uniforms while they are on duty. Workers like bank and post office workers, health care workers, personal trainers in health clubs, lifeguards, bus drivers, airline employees, bar, restaurants and hotel employees required to wear uniforms. The intention of the use of uniforms by these organizations is always an effort to develop the standard corporate image. It also has vital effect on employees. However, the term uniform has been misleading as many employees not respecting such artier.

The workers at times wear the uniforms and corporate clothing of many nature. The workers needed to wear the uniform include the retailer workers, post office and bank workers, health care workers and public security, personal trainers in the health clubs, blue collar employees, lifeguards, janitors, instructors in the summer camps, airline employees or holiday operators, bus drivers, restaurant as well as hotel employees. Use of the uniforms by organizations is the effort in developing and branding the standard corporate image however has significant effects on employees needed to wear uniform. First service uniform that was registered with United States Patent Trademark Office was Playboy Bunny clothes. But, term ‘uniform’ is now misleading as employees are not fully uniform in the appearance and might not wear clothes that are provided by organization, while representing organization in the attire. The academic work at organizational dress referred to the uniformity of dress, and conspicuousness as second.

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