Vector Graphic is used to Represent Photographic Images!

Vector graphics are used to represent all mathematical basis equations such as: points, curves, lines and shapes or polygons. These are all bases on mathematical equation to depict images in computer graphics. Normally, Vector graphics are the representation of images as an array of pixels. It is generally used for depict of depiction of photographic images. There are also big examples of working with both vector tools and formats and roster tools formats for the best practice. There are also times when both the formats come together. An understanding of each technology is most likely to offer efficient and effective use of tools. With the help of Vector graphic drawing software, image can be changed by editing screen objects with the mathematical formulae. With the help of victor formulae it is possible to save the screen image of any resolution from the vector file for use on any sorts of device.

The computer displays are all made from the grids of small small rectangular cells named pixels. Picture is then built up from the cells and closer and smaller the cells come together, better will be the quality of an image, however the bigger the file required to store data. In case, number of the pixels is kept very constant, then size of every pixel can grow and image gets grainy while magnified, as resolution of eye allows it to pick out the individual pixels. The vector graphics store lines, colors and shapes, which make up the image as the mathematical formulae. The vector graphics program makes use of the mathematical formulae for constructing the screen image, and building best quality of image possible, and given screen resolution. Mathematical formulae decide where dots, which make up an image must be placed for best results while displaying an image.

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