IconLover – Required Creating Unique Image!

IconLover is a great option for the users because it is the icons editor through which they can design icons for any operating system. These icons are suitable for various operating systems such as: Mac OS, UNIX or Linux, Windows and Iphone. You can make various sizes and files format of icons designs that help you to access any application or programs easily. There are also various options available on this segment through which you can easily edit or modify your desire icons according to own requirement. Due to these reasons, the IconLover is first and foremost choice of the professional designers to create unique image for various application. It is also the right option for the users to designs their own icons designs without purchase the expensive icons in the separate segment from other icons collection. With the help of these tool, you can make multi-layer images as well as modify it’s into several formats.

No matter whether you are the professional icon designer, the software developer and you just like customizing the desktop or folders, you may love the program. IconLover is the all in one giving tools to make, edit, store, manage, import, search, download as well as convert the icons or Cursors of different formats that includes the packed Windows icons.


Icon software has necessary features, which can satisfy the experienced designer: “Layers” model, the alpha-blending, various special effects, the sophisticated transformations, and so on. There is no more switching between many applications! IconLover has what you need or shows all in same window making use of famous tabbed interface. You may also have editor window in a tab as well as browser window in other. It is easier than ever and thanks to the superbly efficient interface. The IconLover saves some time and browse icon libraries, the import icons from different sources (dynamic Link libraries, executables, image collections) by clicking tabs in IconLover window.

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