Icon Craft – Having the Opportunity to Create New Icons!

If you are looking for powerful tool to create new and excellent icons, then you need to look for the Icon Craft tool. These days, this sort of tool has managed to draw more attention from those people who wants to create attractive and eye-catching icons for their desktop. It’s golden opportunity for you to download the Icon craft software on your desktop and use it for making quality and excellent icons to your desktop. Also, you can get icons which have designed by this sort of tool from online services provides. Before installing this sort of tool, you need to look for your system configuration. If your system’s configuration is perfect, then you need to download the software for creating excellent icons for your desktop. Also, you have the chance to make bigger the size of icons through this sort of tool. In this way, you have got all those facilities to create new and stylish icons for your desktop.


The program is complete icon and cursor solution and edit icons and cursors in the color depths to 32bit True Color. Make static and animated cursors as well as other small images. You need to arrange icons, images and cursors in the libraries. Convert the icons and cursors to JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD as well as WBMP formats, vice versa. Process the multiple icons one time and customize icons of different folders being distinguishable at the glance. Icon Craft gives various features, which will not be found in the standard graphics applications.

The Icon Craft includes ability to import the icons from image, executables, as well as library files. Built in search and Extract function allows the busy artists scan through contents of the folder or drive and arrange all the images that are found in files in single icon library for simple and effective management. The his program features greatly improved editor, which gives you graphic artists many breakthrough features, that includes ability to make icons with many raster layers.

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