Corporate Identity – Excellent Technique for Promoting Companies


Corporate identity is intended to accord with and make easy the achievement of business objectives. It is normally visibly patent by way of branding and the use of trademarks. When there is a common ownership of an organizational philosophy the corporate identity comes into play. Corporate identity often referred to as organizational identity. It helps organizations to answer questions. It has become an excellent technique for promoting companies. It also allocates customers to indicate their sense of belonging with specific human collectives or groups. The guidelines of corporate identity are typically formulated into a package of tools called corporate identity manuals. Most of the companies have their own identity that runs through their entire products and merchandise. Most of the companies pay big amount of money to research and design corporate identity to attract targeted audience. Corporate identity has composed into 3 parts such as:

  • Corporate design
  • Corporate communication
  • Corporate behaviorGenerally, amounts to the corporate title, the logo (logotype or logogram), as well as supporting devices assembled commonly within the set of guidelines. All these guidelines govern how identity is been applied as well as confirm approved palettes, page layouts, typefaces, as well as such methods to maintain the visual continuity as well as brand recognition all over the physical manifestations of brand. All these guidelines are generally formulated in the package of the tools named corporate identity manuals. Lots of companies like McDonald’s or Electronic Arts, have own identity, which runs through their products or merchandise. Trademark “M” logo or red and yellow seems consistently throughout McDonald’s packaging as well as advertisements. Lots of companies pay huge amounts of the money for research, execution and design involved in making the identity, which is very distinguishable or appealing to company‘s target audience.
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