Comparison of Vector Graphics Editors – Excellent for Uses

There are lots of vector graphics editors for several platforms exist. Probable users of these editors will make a decision based on factor. Some programs are excellent for artistic work while others are good for technical drawings. This application support different vector and bitmap image formats for import and export. Adobe firework is a vector editor which main purpose is to create graphics for web and screen. It supports RGB color scheme and has no support of CMYK. That means it is mostly used for screen designs. The firework is editable in PNG format. It is a less expensive product but its feature can be limited comparing to other products. It is easier to learn and can generate complex vector artworks. It can also open in several formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG, PSD, TIFF, AI and EPS. Adobe Flash is a vector editing tool which makes it easier for designers to use.


The Adobe FreeHand was used mainly by the professional graphic designers. Functionality of the FreeHand includes the flexibility of application in a wide design environment, and catering to output requirements of traditional image reproduction techniques and to print or digital media with the page layout abilities as well as text attribute controls. The specific functions of the FreeHand include superior image operation for the vector editing, the page layout features in multiple page documents as well as embedding custom settings (like variable screen specifications within single graphic and so on) to every document independent of the auxiliary printer drivers. The user operation is been considered more suited for the designers with artistic background when compared to the designers with technical background. While marketed, the FreeHand lacked promotional backing, PR support and development when compared to some other products.

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