Would you like to use stock images to spice up your copywriting pieces?

If you write articles or distribute them to several ezines to improve the search engine position of your site, you may want to consider utilizing stock images along with a well written article to attract a larger number of audiences. Here is a look at how you can get impressive stock pictures without breaking the bank.

There are innumerable free internet establishments that give their visitors stock photographs that designers can include in their work with only an accreditation; you can find images of a fairly good quality on such sites. However, if this is not a suitable option, you can always head over to a paid site which provides high quality pictures but of course for a price. Several of these establishments will let their users pick from a tiny selection of free graphics which can be tried out sans risk and usually these online ventures will also offer a plethora of paid images that can be bought; once you are comfortable using images with your writing.

When at these websites pick the type of image that appeal to you; you should start with the complimentary graphics and then buy the graphics you are sure that there has been an increase in the viewership of your writing after the use of images. Usually the best products are shown on top of the webpage, ;while if you click on the lower section,, you will be able to see only the free section.


Choose an image that you prefer if this is not suitable, you can also rummage through the site by including specific keywords in your search which is a far more appropriate way to get things done; once you click on the image, you will be able to scroll down to the availability option. Most sites will sell pictures with standard restrictions although there are some establishments that impose slightly different conditions. It is advisable to go through the restrictions before you consider incorporating the pictures. On the other hand some websites may want you to get a a written word from the photographer that allows you to use the images but for most a simple accreditation acknowledging the work of the photographer should suffice.

With all this done, simply store the images on your hard drive after downloading them and use them with your content when uploading it to a site. Ensure that you include the necessary credit to the graphic designer or image maker in the section reserved for the purpose. If you don’t know the name of the artist, get it by clicking on the username under the section “uploaded by”.

You will notice that on some sites, you will have to submit a link to the webpage of your content in the section on picture comment. The best part of doing this is that you get a back link to your article which can help you to improve your Google page rank and channel more readers to your website. There are some sites like ezine.com frown on the inclusion of images, some other websites such as ehow.com are more accepting. Either way, pictures can add an extra boost of entertainment value your article; so, the next time you write something impressive, you must give a thought to including a picture to augment its appeal.
On the other hand, you could also shop on a site that provides clip art like and animated images that also work well when incorporated with good writing. However, you should remember to use images that suit your niche.

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