Why Use Icons On Your Website?

There was a time when website creation had very unimpressive beginnings and HTML was the only code being utilized to design web sites ;however, there has been a major upheaval in web designing technology since then. Websites have seen a metamorphosis; now, these online sites are entertainment portals that stimulate your visual as well as you auditory senses.

That time has long since passed when visitors had to put up with numerous pages of information with negligible visual appeal, currently a majority of online establishments are decorated with the clever use of graphics. If icons don’t already form a part of your web design, you are letting go of a huge group of customers, so here is a look at how you can use icons on your website to increase its utility.


Practical Application: web graphics just as other graphical depictions convey a lot of information in a small image. They offer visitors a distinct impression about the different parts of the online establishment and assist garner their response. Include them for the quick comprehension of a message or to clarify a portion of your website. So let’s see how icons and web graphics can be put to use for the job.

graphical representations not only augment the artistic and visual appeal of a site, these tiny graphics can also prove invaluable when it comes to helping the visitor with page navigation, graphics can not only add the visual interest of the navigation process, but also make the web page look professionally designed.

The images work very well when used with a few text lines to grab the readers attention to a mid page navigation set up. Normally the navigation set up will be lost in the midst of the in the company of several words ; however, with the assistance of icons, you can make sure that the viewer knows exactly how he can move to a different web page on the online establishment without hunting for the link. So, icons are incredibly helpful in attracting attention to certain sections of the website like the part of the page that lists the special offers. Images also present a stupendous and efficacious process to de clutter a web site design. If you want to give your clients one time deals on your web page that you think the visitors to see, use icons to garner their attention.

Pictorial depictions will also create ripples when used to tell your visitors about the products that you sell without writing paragraph after paragraph. For example, if you wish to provide information on the fact that the profits have been going through the roof, show it with a pie chart. You have to understand that it is best to use graphics that are easily recognizable and can be deciphered without pondering over them.
If your site boasts of several topics and sub topics demarcated by a variety of headings use images to ensure that every one of these topic headings are clearly demarcated with an added helping of allure.
Come to think of it, you could create a complete site with simply pictorial depictions and a line of two of information. This form of site creation is simple yet attractive. Besides you just cannot underestimate the practical application of such a creation. It is usual to find icons being used as a tributary of the organization’s brand management efforts on the other hand on certain sites these graphical representations are included to simply add to the look of the web page.

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