The Practical Applications of Windows Icons and Where to Find Them?

Windows XP has made heavy use of internet graphics which is the obvious reason for its popularity. The state of the art GUI or graphical user interface makes it smooth for even the novice user to input data with absolute ease. If you need to open a folder, all you should do is click on the graphical depiction or the Windows icons on the desktop. You can also switch these windows icons to make the look of your screen cater to your liking.

Windows icons

If you are questioning yourself why you should go through the hassle of modifying the computer graphics, the reply is very clear, folks get bored of seeing usual computer graphics day after day and changing the Windows icons can offer a novel work environment for people who spend a lot of time in front of their computers. This just means that choosing fresh icons can literally help to improve your work productivity. If you have not thought about modifying the images on your desktop already; here are some easy tips that will make the job hassle free.

  • The first step is to; needless to say, switch on the desktop or laptop and let Windows start normally
  • Once you see the desktop, take the cursor to the start menu which located at the down the monitor on the right hand corner of the screen; this should cause a menu to come up, check for the tab “My computer” and click on it. An alternate way is to get to the hard drive through a double click on the web graphics representing “my computer” on the desktop; this is usually the first pictorial depiction on the screen; however, the icon will only be on the screen if you have enabled it on the desktop.
  • After this you have to check for the function associated with the icon, you need to change this. You will need to find out the location of the program on the hard drive or try checking out the search option in the start menu to look for the program and figure out its exact placement

    Where can you get impressive pictorial despictions?
    There are a number of online establishments that offer free image collections; as a matter of fact, several websites offer icons for a variety of industries. If you don’t like the quality of the free images, windows icons are readily available at cost effective figures.

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