Graphics Interchange Format is the Best Option for All Users!

The graphics interchange format is also known as GIF in shortly. It is a bitmap image format that was introduced in 1987 and come into widespread usage due to its wide support and portability. This format supports up to 8 bits per pixel that allows a single image up to 256 distinct colors. It is also support animation and allows the users to make separate the color palette of 256 for each and every frame. One of the most effective and beneficial features GLF has well-designed for simpler images like graphics or logos and for sold area of color palette.


The GLF images are compacted for using in the Lempel Ziv Welch technique to decrease the file size without undignified the visual quality. Keep in mind that GLF compression technique has been patented in the year of 1985. Also, the CompuServe has been introduced the GIF format in the year of 1987. Colors are selected from 24bit RGB color space and it as well supports the animations as well as allows the separate palette of around 256colors for every frame. Color limitation makes GIF format unsuitable to reproduce the color photographs as well as other images with the continuous color, however it is suited for easier images like graphics and logos with the solid color areas.

The GIF images are been compressed using Lempel ZivWelch lossless data method to reduce file size with no degrading visual quality. The compression method was patented at 1985. The controversy over licensing agreement between patent holder, CompuServe and Unisys, in 1994 spurred development of a Portable Network Graphics standard; as then all relevant patents have been expired. The alternative pronunciation makes use of hard “G”, as in the “graphics”, reflecting expanded acronym.

Accounting Development Icons – Avoiding the Critical Problem!

Accounting is the much essential part of every commercial sector because it is the base of any business. It is also a much complicate and time taking job to maintain. So, accounting development icons are the best option for the users to solve their accounting task easily. These icons collection is merging with the traditional accounting related icons and other service related icons. These icons have designed by the expert’s icons developers, so you can find numbers of well crafted icons design to download on the desktop. These icons are available in numbers of formats, style, sizes that required for various applications. So, you can get these accounting development icons in several sizes like the 16×16, 20×20, 24×24, 32×32, and 48×48 and many formats like the ICO, PNG, BMP and GIF. Due to easy accessibility, these icons are gaining much popularity among the users. Accounting development icons are making the accounting related task easier and smoother.


In case, you look from global perspective, and then you may find that Accounting development icons have dragged a lot of attentions. The icons are drawing more fame all over the world because of the effectiveness. The icons are been long considered as most significant part of online business. Make use of the Accounting development icons with website and application will bring in a much needed brand recognition fast for the organization. It is an exact reason why majority of online business owners always have tried to add some effective looking Accounting development icons for the websites so more clients are dragged in very less time.

There are a lot of professionals involved in making of the Accounting development icons for various clients web site or applications. The professionals appears being enough careful about the selection of the icons that can suit theme of business and at a same time will draw more of responses for concerned business all over the globe.

3d – Icons Designs for New Generation!

Now day’s the 3D graphics or designing technologies have been increased in higher speed due to attractive looks. Due to high quality picture and graphics the 3D designs are going high on demand. It is also a powerful tool that required for various graphics design that required both for the personal and commercial use. Now, the icons developers are using the 3D graphic tools for the icons designs. These designs are offering various facilities to the users like the speed, ease of changing angles through which the users can perform various applications and program easily. 3D graphics designs have loaded with the various attractive features that required for easy access. It is also made of best real color, so the user can never required any sorts of change in the icons designs for download on their desktop. These icons designs are making the user’s task much easier and perfect than before.


Google SketchUp is the simple to learn 3Dmodeling program, which allows you to explore world in the 3D. With some easy tools, you may make the 3Dmodels of houses, decks, sheds, woodworking projects, home additions and space ships. Google SketchUp is totally free for the personal use and no registration is needed.” One of hot trends at present, are designs that generally focus little more on the 3D. 3D graphics is an use of the computers &modeling program to make awesome and captivating 3d art. In the post, we rounded forty hottest and awesome three dimensional graphics to help to inspire you. You might ask the reasonable question: Is it likely to use the 3D graphics in logo and icon design? Thing is these areas of the graphic design are vector-based traditionally. Beside benefits of the 3D approach (changing angles, speed, correct perspective and so on.), that features range of the serious disadvantages that make drawing icons completely in the 3D practically impossible.

Image Editor – Used Highly for Fashion Related Works!

In case of the computer graphics, the image editing software and graphics software are two advanced programs that the collection of the program through which the person can control diagram images on a computer. In this regard, the computer graphics can be dividing in to two categories such as: vector graphics and raster graphics. It is always better for the users to stay aware about the computer software that is displays, the attractive graphics. However, so many graphics or applications are focusing on the raster and vector graphics designs. There are also various graphics programs are required for the user to performing the digital video as well as animation like attractive program. Vector graphics animation can be explained as a succession of mathematical revolution that is practical in series to one or more figure in a scene. However, the Raster graphics animation is suitable for the film-based animation and fashions related works.


Most of the graphics programs have an ability of importing and exporting one and more graphics formats. Use of the swatch is palette of the active colours, which are rearranged and selected by preference of user. The swatch is used in the program or part of universal palette on the operating system, and it is been used to change colour of the project, that is text, video or image editing. Many graphics programs support the animation, and digital video. The vector graphics animation are described as the series of the mathematical transformations, which are applied in the sequence to more of shapes in the scene. The raster graphics animation generally works in the same fashion to the film based animation, and where the series of the still images makes illusion of the continuous movement. At present Adobe Photoshop is the used & known graphics program, and having the displaced custom hardware in early 1990s.

Interactive Art is in Use for Viewer’s Space

Interactive art is a common from of installation based art that includes the spectator in such way through which users are getting right result for the objects. The tasks of this art are rapidly forcing the computers and sensors to act in response for motion, heat, and meteorological. Interactive act is the perfect option for you because it can make your task easy and quicker. Due to flexible features and advance options, the Interactive art technique has been considered as one of the best tool. Also, you can download the interactive art technique from the Internet on your computer. However, using the interactive tool is very complicated. So, you need to understand the utilization process and techniques to use it properly on your computer. Now, you should understand the guidelines of interactive art tool from relevant wiki. There are tons of museums and venues which are using this genre of interactive art to make their productions perfect. Interactive art is the genre of art where viewers participate in a few way by giving the input to determine outcome. Not like the traditional art forms where interaction of spectator is just the mental event, the interactivity also allows for different kinds of the assembly, navigation, or contribution to the artwork that goes beyond psychological activity. Interactivity as the medium makes meaning.

Normally the interactive art installations are the computer based and often rely on the sensors that gauge things like temperature, proximity, motion, as well as other meteorological phenomena, which maker has programmed to elicit the responses based on the participant action. In the interactive artworks, audience and machine work both together in the dialogue to make the completely unique art work for every audience to observe. But, not all the observers visualize same picture.

Designing Dialog Icons for Android Apps

Android developers must meet the stringent guidelines when designing icons for their Android projects. Icon Design Guidelines for Dialog Icons specify icon sizes and provide guidelines for choosing the color palette and visual styling of icons used in pop-up dialogs and interactive prompts.

The Android OS can run on a wide range of hardware platforms equipped with screens of different pixel densities. To accommodate the variety of displays used in the many devices running Android, the guidelines describe three separate icon sizes for low-, mid- and high-resolution screens. These sizes are defined as 24×24 pixels for low-resolution displays (ldpi), 32×32 pixels for medium-resolution ones (mdpi), and 48×48 pixels for high-definition displays (hdpi).

Style wise, Android dialog icons are flat, face-on graphics showing a light gradient and inner shadow. These visual features allow dialog icons stand out against a dark background. No
isometric projection or 3D styles are allowed in order to maintain a uniform look among Android-compatible apps developed by multiple vendors.

Android Dialog Icons Design

1. Dialog icons have a 1 pixel safeframe
2. Inner shadow: black, 25% opacity, angle -90°,
distance 1px, size 0px
3. Front part: gradient overlay, angle 90°
bottom: r 223 ; g 223 ; b 223,
top: r 249 ; g 249 ; b 249,
bottom color location: 0%,
top color location: 75%

The Design Guidelines define exact colors for icons’ overlay. The gradient overlay is rendered at an angle of 90 degrees. The gradient starts at the bottom as 233, 233, 233 (an R,G,B color), and goes up to 249, 249, 249 (R,G,B) at 75% to the top. The remaining space from that point up is filled with a single color of 249, 249, 249 (R,G,B).

Android Dialog Icons

The inner shadow is added black at 25% opacity (controlled via the alpha-channel) at an angle of -90 degrees. The distance from the main picture is 1px, while the size of the shadow is 0px (meaning the shadow is exactly the size of the main shape itself).

Designing Android-style dialog icons is a straightforward process. You can create your icons in a graphic editor such as Adobe Photoshop easily by downloading the Icon Templates Pack for Android 2.3 from the Android Web site. However, a raster editor may not be the best way, as you will have to draw each of the three icon resolutions separately.

To save time producing the three sizes (ldpi, mdpi and hdpi), a vector tool is advised. You can create the basic shape of the icon in a vector editor such as Adobe Illustrator and export the shape into Adobe Photoshop, rendering the vector source into the required reaolution (24×24, 32×32, or 48×48 pixels correspondingly). The rest is simple: add an overlay gradient in a separate layer, and specify the appropriate inner shadow in yet another layer. Save the image as a PSD file for future editing, and export it as a PNG file with transparency enabled to add your newly created icon into your Android app.

Get yourself a ready-made icon set instead. The extensive library of Android Dialog Icons by Aha-Soft provides 86 unique images drawn in strict accordance with the Dialog Icons Design Guidelines. This royalty-free set is supplied in the form of PNG files with semi-transparency, and offers PSD source images. Scalable AI and SVG vector sources are also available. You can preview and purchase the set at the company’s Web site.

Android Dialog Icons

Implementing Ready-Made Icons in Your Project

There are several common questions asked by developers. Where should I use 32-bit icons with alpha-channel, and why choose them over traditional 256-color images? What development environments support translucent graphics, and what file formats should be used? Finally, which formats to use for the many control elements? Let’s clear these questions one by one.


Ready-made icon files for iOS


Choosing 32-bit icons over their 8-bit versions is natural. 32-bit icons feature an extra layer defining a semi-transparency mask. The layer is called alpha channel. Thanks to that alpha channel, icons with 32-bit color depth can integrate nicely with backgrounds of any color and complexity, having smooth edges and looking in place even if your background has a busy color, gradient, or shows an image or pattern. In addition, the alpha channel makes shadows and reflections appear semi-transparent, making them look natural and overall rendering extremely realistic.
So, 32-bit icons are just the right type to use. The real question is if you will be able to use them in your project. In reality, 32-bit graphics can be used in a handful of situations – and cannot be used in others. If you’re making a Web site, then chances are that your user base already has compatible Web browsers that can show 32-bit icons with full alpha-channel support. Exceptions are rare, and include Internet Explorer 6 and earlier versions, ancient builds of Mozilla, and a few resource-stranded mobile browsers (although most mobile platforms can still show 32-bit icons).

For a Web site, you should use 32-bit icons in PNG format wherever possible. If supporting legacy browsers is important, you can resort to 24-bit PNG icons, converting the original 32-bit images with an icon editor such as IconLover. 8-bit GIF files can be used for designing light Web sites to be used with the slowest mobile platforms. Note that GIF files don’t include a full alpha-channel support; instead, they offer a single-bit transparency mask. Again, you can render your 8-bit icons from 32-bit originals with IconLover, or use pre-rendered icons supplied with your icon set. The GIF icons supplied will display nicely on most types of backgrounds, but you can produce your own versions if you have a busy or colourful background and want your icons blend with it smoothly.

Windows applications can normally only use a specific type of file depending on what exactly you’re going to use it for. For example, ICO files can be used for application icons. ICO files pack the same image (or, sometimes, different images) in various sizes and color depths within a single file. Windows will automatically pick the proper size and color depth depending on the user’s screen settings and the location of the icon. It’s best to pack all standard sizes and color resolutions in a single ICO file. Our stock icons already have all standard resolutions and color versions stored in the ICO format; if you want to build your own ICO files, you can use IconLover.

There are dozens of other things we’d love to tell you about making the best use of your newly purchased stock icons. You can read an extended version of this article covering the many Windows controls and development environments such as Java, C#, .NET and Visual Studio, at You can always find the right icons for your applications or Web sites at

Why Do You Need to Use PNG Image Format in Your Web Design?

The PNG file format was introduced quite a while back; it was put forth in the market in the mid 90’s to cover the drawbacks of the the common GIF image format. However, it did not catch on because the early browsers were not designed to support the state of the art offerings of PNG so internet designers and developers were compelled to incorporate it sparingly. One of the primary blocks standing in the way was Microsoft Internet Explorer which was by far the most famous browsers of that period; IE had very little place for PNG support which equated to the fact that the format could only be used in the most restricted way. However, the scene went through a change when IE7 was brought out; this latest offering from Microsoft has helped in increasing the popularity of PNGs. So lets take a look at three reasons why PNG is by far the most useful image formats in the market today:

You can get see through images or alpha transparency: When you analyze the features of GIF and PNG, it will become apparent that a very distinct advantage with PNG is that you can only save a particular color transparently through the use of GIF which means that the color can be transformed regardless of it being opaque or transparent with nothing in betweenbut when you use PNG, you get a specific benefit; because the format can be used to produce semi transparency. This feature gives you the ability to save a PNG file with a soft drop shadow and then float it against any background. You can also use the image as a gradient background or water mark. The file type gives you the option to use the smooth fading of colors from completely opaque to see through, so that you can see the webpage that lies in the background

PNG Icons

They look fantastic: Apart from the fact, that you get amazing flexibility wit PNG images; there are numerous other benefits to incorporating this format. For example, if you choose a JPG image, you lose a part of the details on the original file whenever the file is saved, so in time, you will notice a distinct downgrade in the quality of the media. Even if, this concern has now been sorted in in the file type and you can save the images without losing any information, GIF has a limited color palette of 256, which renders it quite futile if you have to save a photograph. But, with PNG, you will get the most desired features of both these formats; you will have access to an extensive color display like with JPEG images and it also supports managed color palette like GIF files. Also the storage of the image is without loss so the picture stays as it is despite innumerable times of saving the file.

PNG allows for self optimization: A major concern that web designers need to handle very often is the issue where the brightness and the contrast ratio of the screen has to be regulated to see the the display correctly; this problem occurs due to the Gamma settings of different monitors. Gamma is a technology incorporated to scatter the the light across the monitor display. However, diverse operating systems use varying Gamma settings. So, a picture that is color corrected for Windows may not look right on a Mac. Again, in this situation the innovative PNG format comes to the rescue, in PNG, you can store the files with a built in Gamma correction so whatever operating system you are working on; the Gamma settings will be realigned to display a picture with the amazing brightness and contrast.

Would you like to use stock images to spice up your copywriting pieces?

If you write articles or distribute them to several ezines to improve the search engine position of your site, you may want to consider utilizing stock images along with a well written article to attract a larger number of audiences. Here is a look at how you can get impressive stock pictures without breaking the bank.

There are innumerable free internet establishments that give their visitors stock photographs that designers can include in their work with only an accreditation; you can find images of a fairly good quality on such sites. However, if this is not a suitable option, you can always head over to a paid site which provides high quality pictures but of course for a price. Several of these establishments will let their users pick from a tiny selection of free graphics which can be tried out sans risk and usually these online ventures will also offer a plethora of paid images that can be bought; once you are comfortable using images with your writing.

When at these websites pick the type of image that appeal to you; you should start with the complimentary graphics and then buy the graphics you are sure that there has been an increase in the viewership of your writing after the use of images. Usually the best products are shown on top of the webpage, ;while if you click on the lower section,, you will be able to see only the free section.


Choose an image that you prefer if this is not suitable, you can also rummage through the site by including specific keywords in your search which is a far more appropriate way to get things done; once you click on the image, you will be able to scroll down to the availability option. Most sites will sell pictures with standard restrictions although there are some establishments that impose slightly different conditions. It is advisable to go through the restrictions before you consider incorporating the pictures. On the other hand some websites may want you to get a a written word from the photographer that allows you to use the images but for most a simple accreditation acknowledging the work of the photographer should suffice.

With all this done, simply store the images on your hard drive after downloading them and use them with your content when uploading it to a site. Ensure that you include the necessary credit to the graphic designer or image maker in the section reserved for the purpose. If you don’t know the name of the artist, get it by clicking on the username under the section “uploaded by”.

You will notice that on some sites, you will have to submit a link to the webpage of your content in the section on picture comment. The best part of doing this is that you get a back link to your article which can help you to improve your Google page rank and channel more readers to your website. There are some sites like frown on the inclusion of images, some other websites such as are more accepting. Either way, pictures can add an extra boost of entertainment value your article; so, the next time you write something impressive, you must give a thought to including a picture to augment its appeal.
On the other hand, you could also shop on a site that provides clip art like and animated images that also work well when incorporated with good writing. However, you should remember to use images that suit your niche.

Why Use Icons On Your Website?

There was a time when website creation had very unimpressive beginnings and HTML was the only code being utilized to design web sites ;however, there has been a major upheaval in web designing technology since then. Websites have seen a metamorphosis; now, these online sites are entertainment portals that stimulate your visual as well as you auditory senses.

That time has long since passed when visitors had to put up with numerous pages of information with negligible visual appeal, currently a majority of online establishments are decorated with the clever use of graphics. If icons don’t already form a part of your web design, you are letting go of a huge group of customers, so here is a look at how you can use icons on your website to increase its utility.


Practical Application: web graphics just as other graphical depictions convey a lot of information in a small image. They offer visitors a distinct impression about the different parts of the online establishment and assist garner their response. Include them for the quick comprehension of a message or to clarify a portion of your website. So let’s see how icons and web graphics can be put to use for the job.

graphical representations not only augment the artistic and visual appeal of a site, these tiny graphics can also prove invaluable when it comes to helping the visitor with page navigation, graphics can not only add the visual interest of the navigation process, but also make the web page look professionally designed.

The images work very well when used with a few text lines to grab the readers attention to a mid page navigation set up. Normally the navigation set up will be lost in the midst of the in the company of several words ; however, with the assistance of icons, you can make sure that the viewer knows exactly how he can move to a different web page on the online establishment without hunting for the link. So, icons are incredibly helpful in attracting attention to certain sections of the website like the part of the page that lists the special offers. Images also present a stupendous and efficacious process to de clutter a web site design. If you want to give your clients one time deals on your web page that you think the visitors to see, use icons to garner their attention.

Pictorial depictions will also create ripples when used to tell your visitors about the products that you sell without writing paragraph after paragraph. For example, if you wish to provide information on the fact that the profits have been going through the roof, show it with a pie chart. You have to understand that it is best to use graphics that are easily recognizable and can be deciphered without pondering over them.
If your site boasts of several topics and sub topics demarcated by a variety of headings use images to ensure that every one of these topic headings are clearly demarcated with an added helping of allure.
Come to think of it, you could create a complete site with simply pictorial depictions and a line of two of information. This form of site creation is simple yet attractive. Besides you just cannot underestimate the practical application of such a creation. It is usual to find icons being used as a tributary of the organization’s brand management efforts on the other hand on certain sites these graphical representations are included to simply add to the look of the web page.